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Welcome to my Favorite Links page, The Best Resourses for Drawing, and Paso Fino Horses of Puerto Rico.

Important Art Related Web Sites

Borden & Riley Paper Company

    The best papers for drawing in my opinion. The paper is non-wicking, achival safe, acid free, non yellowing and bleedproof. After using this paper I refuse to work on anything else!

Clear Bags

    This is a great place to get plastic protective sleeves for photography, documents and/or artwork.

Horse Related Web Sites

My Choice Pedigree Software is Breeder's Assistant For horses
Breeders Assistant for Horses - Pedigree
Software and Record Keeping Program for Horse Breeders  

Important Paso Fino & Paso Horse Related Web Site Links
Paso Fino, A Puerto Rican Breed, The only 100% dedicated to the Paso Fino Horse Breed
Paso Fino, A Puerto Rican Breed Magazine

Puro de Aqui, a web site and blog with the latest paso fino news, pictures, results, articles and education Paso Fino Web site and Blog

Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino's a Site dedicated to the Paso Fino Horse breed, A website for the Puerto Rican Paso Fino

Paso Voice, a forum dedicated to Paso Horse breeds A Website for Paso Horse Breeds

Horse Farm Web Site Links
Image Banner for Rancho Toledeano Paso Fino Horses - Boarding, Training, Sales, Breeding, California USA


     A great site all about Puerto Rico's native andadurada horses and imported Rackers & Pacers. Andadura is a sport where two horses riden bareback race on a short track without breaking their gait. The site has a forum, Chat, Picture Galleries, etc

Andadura Online

A New and Exciting Place por Puerto Rico's "Other" Pasos, the Largo Masters, and Pure Adrenaline of Andadura


    A Paso Fino Farm in Caguas Puerto Rico, Home of the two winning colts, Fray Angelica de Asis & Franchesco de Asis.

Hacienda Tradicion del Guanin

    A Legendary Paso Fino Breeding & Training Farm in Puerto Rico.

Paso Fino Forum

    Dedicated to the Paso Fino, this forum is mostly in spanish, you will find show results, database of current and past paso fino stars, and a large family community

Pure Puerto Rican
Paso Fino
Federation of America, Inc.

      An organization to promote and protect the Paso Fino in America. The PPRPAFF of America stives to protect the 4 beat lateral natural gait of the Paso Fino, it also sponsor shows, educational clinics, and mantains a true and accurate breed registry.

Federación del Deporte de Caballos de Paso Fino de Puerto Rico

    The oldest Paso Fino registry, founded in 1943

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