Current Spawns & Young Fish for Sale

RED x RED,  Red Half Sun Male x Red Female, Hatched 7/06/2007

Mach, Red Half Sun x Hembra Extended Super Red de Gilbert L.

Spawn 2007- Hatched 7/06/2007 Red x Red-1

Machos - Males

M1 SOLD - Vendido- Pucho, con dos hermanas

M2 - SOLD - Vendido, Ernesto, con dos hermanas

M3 Reservado para Crianza - Reserved as Breeder

M4- SOLD - Vendido- Kenneth , con dos hermanas

M5- Reserved for Breeding - Reservado para Crianza

M6 - Reservado - Reserved, Ernesto


M8- Reserved - Reservado Pucho

M9 Available, Disponible

M-10- Sold - Vendido, HOR

M-11 Sold - Vendido, HOR

M12 Sold - Vendido -

M13 - Photo Soon - Pronto

Delta Males and Super Delta Males available to pet homes at $5 each

Hembras disponibles 2 con un macho - Female siblings sold with the males in Trios
Aqui unos ejemplos ( fotos ) de las hembras, estan juntas en un tanque plantado
Here are some pics of  the females, they are all together in a community tank




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